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Based on the Einstein-inspired Theory of Loveitivity™, the Loveship Calculator is a set of five revolutionary tools that will lead you to your Loveship – the next love beyond relationships.

These are not your mom’s Cosmo quiz. These are powerful, groundbreaking tools designed solely to find the last love you'll ever need.


What’s my dating formula?

Whether you know it or not, you use a dating formula as you date … and that formula decides who you date, how you date, and the type of love and relationship you end up finding.

Is your hidden dating formula standing in the way of you finding extraordinary love?

Find out here!


Does my profile have the right stuff?

Are you going on first date after first date? If so, it's time to take a look at your profile!

It takes a perfect profile to find a perfect fit. If your profile does not find the perfectly right people for you and get them to reach out to you, then you’ll only ever meet the wrong people for you. It’s that simple.

If you’re not finding what you want over and over again, then your profile is finding the wrong people.

It’s time to run the Profile Calculator!


Should I go on a first date?

How would you like to never have another bad first date?

The Date Gate Calculator will help you separate the wrong fits from your perfect fits before you get to the first date.

With this tool, you'll remove the awkwardness, lack of connection, rejection, and pain from dating because you'll be meeting the perfect fits instead of the wrong fits.

You'll also save your time, feelings, and money.

With this tool, you'll know before you go!


Is this a person a perfect fit Loveship or just another mediocre love?

Dating the wrong person is so easy. Finding the right one requires focus and a plan.

This calculator will help you see if you’re on the right track or just wasting your time (again).

Run this calculator directly after the first date and as dating continues. Don't stop running it until you've found your Loveship.


Escape the Past.
Find the Impossible.

Designed to be used by our Dating for Loveships Program clients, this calculator provides a groundbreaking analysis of past relationships as part of the 6-Steps to finding a Loveship.

This calculator is the first step onto a different path — a concrete plan for finding a type of love that is beyond anything you’ve ever imagined possible!

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